Hello EMP members!

EMP forum going to the next level from today ONLY verified members will be able to post/reply/create threads in this forum sections:


Any unverified member who will try to post exchange offer/thread in other section will be banned and will not be able to use our forum anymore.

How much Verification cost ?

We charge one time $19.99 verification fee which is very small and you will be able to return this fee by offering your services here in EMP.

Why we need verification ?

Verification will be required for all forum members, EMP don't care who you are or what you can you have to be verified if you want trade money in our forum. Verification will give more security for our community to make and exchange money safely.

I don't have Credit Card or mobile phone number what I can do ?

We can't help you with anything sorry.

What happen if Verified member will become scammer ?

He, his ip, his phone, his credit card will be reported to that country local police department for investigation.

How I can know which member is Verified ?

All verified members will have blue nickname and his phone number after username.

Unverified member trying to contact me via PM or chat to do exchange what I need to do ?

You need to report this user in this section:


This user will be banned.

If you are scammer and reading this thread I have good news for you NO MORE MONEY !!!! Go and find a job !