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    Wink wefindways - wefindways.net

    Introduce about Wefindways.net

    Welcome to a home-business opportunity unlike anything ever seen before. We’ve christened it, ‘We Find Ways’…simply because we do!

    First off, we’re an experienced team of professionals that have been working in the pay-to-click industry for a considerable number of years. Since the very beginning of our endeavor, we’ve been dedicated to implementing the newest ideas and improving whatever needs improving. The most significant part of our business is to create an impact on everyone’s life, in the safest and most balanced way.

    Over the last seven years, we’ve seen businesses collapse and fall, owing to a sloppy set-up, hosting failures, e-currency maintenance, and excessive downtime or even disappearances and script faults. We’ve seen it all!
    But what would you do if we told you we found a way to make it all work?
    Hello Everybody!

    For today i wanna introduce to all you a brand new revenue share program that are in pre-launch which i think it will become a promising program when it ‘s offical launch and it’s called Wefindways.net. Wefindways.net is a brand new revenue share program for advertisers and internet marketers, Wefindways.net combined earnings from revenues and matrix program, Wefindways.net are in pre-launch until 20-12-2012. It’s cost $11 to join and offer three way to earn, so please join it to lock in your position and start building your income platform today

    My first impression about Wefindways.net was it’s running off licensed script which is used by the leader of the HYIP industry NewGNI and a brand new HYIP just launched few day ago Awtc – Shadows Scripts with all the fantastic features its has…

    Website Wefindways.net is hosted on dedicate server, it is hosted and protected by Shadows as well, they have dedicated nameservers by the way. (Check Whois – Open new windows). Also website Wefindways.net is load pretty quickly.

    Wefindways.net has clean design, it’s simple and neatly

    Here are the basic you should to know about Wefindways.net:

    Matrix Program: First off, you must join the Matrix Program in order to participation in the Wefindways.net

    The Matrix program is a matrix 2×2 and its cost $10 to enter, you will earn $30 once you referred two Members, who then refer themselves two Members in turn. Once a Matrix is completed, you will receive a new top spot in the recycled Matrix. The process restarts, and the cycle begins anew.

    Before any Member can purchase any actual Liquid ads (during pre-launch open for everyone), they first need to be part of this Matrix. Our Matrix is a 2×2, costs $10 to enter, and earns Members a total of $30 once they’ve referred two Members, who then refer themselves two Members in turn.
    Alternatively, you may refer six Members yourself to earn the $30 Matrix amount. Once a Matrix is completed, you will receive a new top spot in the recycled Matrix. The process restarts, and the cycle begins anew. This ensures a fair coverage of all advertisements and assists in maintaining an unfailing, stable system.
    Purchase Liquid Package Programs (from minimum as low as $1 and maximum are $30.000) and receive return from revenues, the return is variable from 1% to 3% daily and maximum return from your purchase is 300% if joined during pre-launch.

    When you’ve purchased a Liquid Package, you’re then the proud owner of a Traffic-Exchange package. Each one of our Liquid Packages sells at a minimum of $1, with every $0.01 spent on giving you advertising impressions. There are many benefits that come with the Liquid Package programs, the most obvious being that your website (or websites!) will get tons of viewers due to your new-found advertising power. Another is that, until you’ve reached 250% of your purchase amount back, you will get to enjoy all the advantageous earnings on each package. However, due to the variety of factors that assures the durability of WeFindWays (which includes your earning health), the amount of earnings may vary.

    Referral Program: Wefindways.net offer 2 levels commission on Liquid Packages Programs, Wefindways.net pay 5% on first level and 1% on second level, you must joined Matrix Program in order to participation in the Referral Program at Wefindways.net

    Another sure-fire way to substantially earn your profit is by introducing others to the benefits of WeFindWays online advertising. This is done by sharing the given links and introducing referrals using the marketing materials we give you upon registration.
    Your first level, or the people you’ve recruited, automatically earns you 5% of their commissions on their Liquid Packages. On your second level, or the people who have joined your recruits, you automatically earn 1% of their commission in addition to your 5%. So make sure to employ as much as you can, you can never have too many friends!

    HERE IS THE SUM: you need at least $11 in order to participation in Wefindways.net: $10 to join Matrix Program and $1 to buy one of the Liquid Packages, you can invest up to $30.000 and can earn up to 3% daily untill your purchased reached 250% return (Or 300% if joined during pre-launch). Wefindways.net are PRE-LAUNCH UNTIL 20-12-2012

    Funding and Withdrawals: currently Wefindways.net accepted Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, EgoPay and Bank Wire. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours and may take up to 72 hours to complete, minimum for withdraw is $1

    10. What e-currencies does the WeFindWays system use?
    At the moment, we accept and exchange earnings with Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money and Bank deposits.

    11. How long does a withdrawal of earnings take?
    On a usual day, all withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. In case of many exchanges to a specific e-currency, however, we allow up to 72 hours for withdrawal requests.

    12. How much does it cost to withdraw or exchange in a different e-currency?
    If you look at your Member area, you’ll see that we publish the exchange rates there, which are based on the Liquids we have on each e-currency. In case of an e-currency downtime or other ecurrency-related problems, the exchange rate might be higher or even put on hold.
    However, we find ways to make every run smoothly, so you can expect this to happen infrequently, if at all.
    One thing you should to remember is Wefindways.net are not allowed you to email or phone people to persuade them to join Wefindways.net

    Why I am not allowed to email or phone people to persuade them to join WeFindWays?

    Thank you for caring, but really all thats needed to enjoy the benefits of having referrals in WeFindWays is to introduce people to our website. No worries! Every member is given their own marketing material to work with when they sign up.
    Support: Wefindways.net has F.A.Q page, ticket system inside the members’s account and their support department are response pretty quickly, i got the reply from them within 2 hours after open a support ticket. Wefindways.net also provided affiliate materials inside the members’s area, you must login to your Wefindways.net account to get your affiliate tool

    Join Wefindways.net

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