Automatic exchange service SuperChange changes:
  • Liberty Reserve USD
  • Liberty Reserve EUR
  • Perfect Money USD
  • Perfect Money EUR
  • Pecunix
  • V-Money
  • WebMoney WMZ
  • WebMoney WMR
  • WebMoney WMU
  • WebMoney WME
  • WebMoney WMB
  • WebMoney WMG
  • WebMoney WMY
We have two domains: - instant exchange Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve, V-Money, Pecunix
and - instant exchange WMZ, WME, WMR, WMU, WMB, WMG, WMY
All exchanges are instant and fully automatic.
We use Dynamic system of discounts: larger amounts - larger discounts. Also Cumulative system of discounts allowing you to save on exchange.
We have Two level Partner program with 30% profit.